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Video Highlights from the International Conference on Scaling-up Strategies to Secure Community Land and Resources Rights

Our international conference on Scaling-up Strategies to Secure Community Land and Resources Rights brought together a wide diversity of stakeholders – about 180 representatives from, local communities, Indigenous Peoples organizations, governments, private investors, food and resource companies, and development and conservation NGOs— that have a direct, common, and urgent interest in clarifying and securing the ownership of these lands and resources.

Today, we are launching our 2 minute “Securing Community Land and Resource Rights” video that captures the spirit, purpose, and outcomes of the conference.  With the energetic participation at the conference, we are hopeful to have initiated a new era of vigorous conversation and attention addressing insecure community land and resource rights across the world.

It’s an amazing power we’ve massed from all these people who’ve come together. – Duncan Pruett, Policy Advisor on Land, Oxfam

Our hope is that this video will help illustrate the unity and diversity of the conference participants, our plans to realize the commitments made in Interlaken, and increase greater awareness on the issues.

We have collaboration between some indigenous people and private actors that wasn’t happening before. There’s new trust and there really is a possibility that we can make some big steps forward. – Andy White, Coordinator, Rights and Resources Initiative

Please enjoy and share these Conference highlights.

Watch the video here: Securing Community Land Resource Rights

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